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What does the BBA training programme offer?
Brain-friendly learning and improved concentration:
You will acquire practical knowledge about brain-friendly learning and methods that effectively improve the ability to concentrate.
Training schedules for children, adults, and seniors:
You will receive pre-structured schedules for your classes, so you can support school children, conduct burnout prevention, help people with sleep problems, and prevent Alzheimer's/dementia.
Useful strategies for people with ADHD/ADD or dyslexia:
Get to know techniques that will help improve or even clear ADHD/AND and/or dyslexia.
Individual or group classes:
In your training programme, you will learn how to effectively work with individuals and groups.
Occupational health care:
We will show you how to get companies book your Body Brain Activity® service on a regular basis in the field of occupational health care.
Knowledge acquisition on a scientifically sound basis:
Universities, doctors, and therapists describe our training programme as scientifically excellent.
15 years of experience and development by Body Brain Activity®:
In the past 15 years, we have been able to sucessfully establish and further develop the Body Brain Activity® concept.
Famous for our talks at
The Founders
„We place our focus on people. More quality of life for the old and the young, a harmonious family life and fun learning is our mission."
Do I need special prior knowledge or paedagogical training for the course?
No, you do not need to have any previous knowledge or educational training. In our training programme, you will acquire all the know-how, exercises, and procedures to start your career as a BBA instructor. Therefore, our training programme is also suitable for career changers.
Can I also teach BBA classes for adults and seniors?
Yes, you can and that would be very suitable in terms of occupational health care or as prevention measure for Alzheimer's/dementia in seniors. Companies in your are will be grateful for your service. You can get more details on this topic in our live webinar.
What is the total duration of the BBA programme?
The total duration is 12 months. To complete all topics and contents, you will need to invest about two hours per week. However, you can choose your study times freely and adapt the training according to your personal timetable. There are instructors who complete their training within two years, so feel free to choose your study times as you like.
Do I have to work as a full-time Body Brain Activity® instructor?
That's totally up to you, you can either work full-time or part-time. Whichever time model you choose, you will be a true asset to society.
Do I have to make a license payment?
No, there are no license payments with Body Brain Activity®.
Do I get support after the training programme?
During your training period you will receive templates for leaflets, customer acquisition strategies, training schedules, and much more to prepare you for your future career as a Body Brain Activity® instructor. Upon completion of your training you will be invited to join our exclusive instructor's club, where we will be offering support in all questions concerning your successful career as Body Brain Activity Instructor®. This means you will be able to benefit from our expert knowledge for a lifetime.